I am both - the photographer and the subject. The mechanism of taking a photograph has been executed at the same time as being the object in front of my camera lens.













Artist Statement

This series of photographs ‘Scenes’ is a personal photographic exploration that is part of a greater project the purpose of which is to produce a book.  


The scenes I have realised have been staged in different rooms of my house with myself as the model and photographer they are theatrical  and include  a gentle touch of humour. In exposing myself to the camera I have experienced a form of therapy with the analysis of my constantly demanding style of living.


As my part in ‘Alternate Voices’ I am showing three photographs – one image from each scene. These photographs function as three different narratives.


Despite photographing myself ‘Domestique’ does not represent self-portraiture in the classic manner. Choosing the domestic location and feeling comfortable enabled me to act spontaneously and produce images that superficially can be considered as portraiture via the mechanism of photography, but here the psychological drama is introduced as the photographer and the subject are one and the same.


By using my body to visualise my intentions I am exploring here the theme of male gaze - in this case, the role of feminine eroticism in the everyday. At the same time I wish to provoke the viewer into reviewing the argument about the difference between erotic and pure nudity.


These photographs refer also to my fascination with surrealism and they challenge everyone’s association with fantasy.




About the process
Medium: medium format black & white                            photographic film
Camera: fully manual twin lens reflective
Exhibited Prints: 47x47 cm
inkjet prints on rag photographic paper